How to? :: Champion Of The Honorguard

Champion Of The Honorguard

20:59 03.07.2009., Airo

I found something new about the Champ in Kyllikki's Crypt!

This fight is all about dealing with the Curse and the dots he has. There are three I believe, the first two are visible on your character bar one of which is the curse. During these dots all raid DPS stops on the boss. No exceptions.

The third is a personal player dot. It does not show on your bar at all. You will notice you have this when your health starts going down even when your at max range and you can't tell why its happening. When this happens stop your dps and if your in the upper room, go down the stairs to reset. Or wait it out with pots. If your downstairs run up.

Its a much longer fight now, there can be no tank and spank as before. If you control the players dps, telling them when to start and when to stop he will go down. Oh and there are some very useful Tos buffs that can be used here. Stick one in the main tank group for when your armour gets a dot.


About tanking boss

Firstly: it wont be a lack of agro managment that kills the tank, you have to make sure ALL the raid stops dps when he usings CURSE. (this is the first raid wiper)

The second raid wiper is that you need all RANGED dps at max range, so tank him at the top part (the first room you enter in the instance) and make sure he is in the middle of the room with ranged (mages, rangers, healers etc) at a long distance.

Tank: Make sure the guardian pulls---just go down the bottom and bowsbow pull him (also an Irritate as he is running towards you) then run up and to middle of room and turn around and wait for him, when he comes the DT charges then the dps starts, you should be on top of agro list now and DT second.
Make sure the other tanking classes (other guards, dts, conqs) are in the same group. The guardian started its best as the DT has more dps to get agro from guardian. for the Guardian to get agro off the DT use (max it in feats) Bloody Vengence + Hateful strikes. This should be enough but if not then throw in an Irritate, Cry havoc...if that doesn work then pop the Goad...and if that doesnt work, scream at the PC screen and pop Goad Mob + Intercede.