About us

How we began

After seeing large number or Croatian players on Crom Server we felt the need to create a home for them, but not closed to other nationality players who wished to have fun, make raid progress and new friends online, so today we are an international guild with members from all over Europe.

The Guild was founded in August 2008. and it had only 5  members to start with;   Golicrotem, Greendevil, Sargent, Synder, and Airo. We decided to build a large and respectable guild, recruit active players on server, build a T3 city, have raid progress, meet other players and guilds and have alot of fun.


Where are we today?

After a few months "CRO Guild" has gained a great reputation on this server with over 500 characters, full T3 city and Battle Keep. We have a guild web page with forum and raid planner as well as guild Ventrilo server. We have all T1, T2 bosses on farm status. We are doing T3 raids and we regularly clear those dungeons each week. We have even started running alt raids during the week, pvp and sometimes sieges.

Since the server merge a lot of new players have arrived and we are ready to take in new ppl regardless of their skills and lvl. We are ready to give each member a chance to learn and show his dedication and activity whilst helping them to develop their characters fully through advice and boosts.



Before anything else we all need to know that this is only a game and nobody involved has the right to disrupt other people's fun. For that reason our officers will not tolerate any kind of national, racial, sexist or similar kinds of view as well as ignorance to other players, insulting, or any kind of personal level anti social behaviour.

All future and current members are obligated to read trough our Raiding Rules, moreover, if you are in raid with us you are expected to pay attention to raid leader and officers, not to go AFK, be in raid on time and stay till the end, etc, etc.


What do we offer?

We offer T3 raid (and of course all T2) clearing, atm 3 raid days to choose from, our city's crafting buildings, Battle keep and sieges, ventrilo server to communicate with other players and of course large base of players to play and have fun with.

At the end, we wish all members of our guild a lot of fun with no.1 MMORPG around.


Now it's time to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!



Bear ShamanBear Shamannone
Dark TemplarDark Templarnone
Herald of XotliHerald of Xotlinone
Priest of MitraPriest of Mitranone
Tempest Of SetTempest Of Setnone

If we are not recruiting it does not mean we are not taking new members. Register on forum and apply at this LINK