How to? :: How to create Ibis weapon

How to create Ibis weapon

20:19 06.11.2009., Bruno

Here are ingredients what we require to make Ibis weapon.

10x Shard Of Exiled God
Shard Of Exiled God

10x Whorled Leather
Whorled Leather

10x Nushadir Salt
Nushadir Salt

10x Chill Crawler Glands
Chill Crawler Glands

10x Powdered Desert Glass
Powdered Desert Glass

10x Ebony Venom
Ebony Venom

10x Gossamer Silk
Gossamer Silk

10x Finely Woven Thread
Finely Woven Thread

15x Fine Black Sulphur
Fine Black Sulphur

30x Copper

30x Silver

20x Aqua Regia
Aqua Regia

10x Uncut Royal Onyx
Uncut Royal Onyx

1x Mercurial Blade
Mercurial Blade