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Kylikki's Crypt

19:55 06.05.2009., Bruno

This is article for our Kylikki tactics, it is our current tactic so changes may come:)

Everyone needs to hug this mob, otherwise he will run around and no melee dps on him, and by everyone i really mean EVERYONE inlcuding casters and healers!!!

Nothing special about him, people can hug him but its not essential.

This is kinda hardest mob in T1 raids. When guard pulls him he will probably teleport in position where guard is and do AOE spell called Spellguard Dark Bargain, he does that when his hand goes into air and he does it two series of five spells so no cloch wearers go near him until he does that. example:
he gets pulled
1-2 normal attacks
1-2 normal attacks
now everyone can come closer and hit him

Champion of Honourguard
1st boss in cript. Its 5-10 minute fight so no need to rush into death:)
He does spell called Curse of Gwalhur, when he does that (youll hear someone say it on ventrilo) DO NOT attack him untill your told to do so... DO NOT ATTACK!!!
He also does spell called Covenant of Pestilence, when he does that ALL magic DPS should stop immediately. If you do magic dps youll probalby get whole raid killed. It lasts 5 secons, and youll hear someone on ventrilo say "DPS off" and "Go with DPS" or something like that...

Last boss, crypt is named after her, really ugly biatch but i think Molay fancies her Tongue

Raid leader will designate ppl that go on her, who kites wolves and who kills healers.
Kyliki's healers are minions so they can get killed with minion kill spell.
What we do is leave one healer alive in first group (out of three) and keep player that has been stunded alive. Other two groups are killed by Necromancers Shatter spell...
Wolves are not minions but they can be stunned and slowed, so usually in wolf group are people that can do that + healer + tank or offtank.

Thats it from me for now:) njoy