How to? :: Use !craft and !whatis commands on bot

Use !craft and !whatis commands on bot

15:23 21.07.2009., Bruno

I am describeing how to use craft and whatis commands on bot. I think they are most usefull commands on bot!

i see alot of ppl dont know about craft module on bot.
i made this module becouse it is allways to know who can craft which items and there is no need to ask in guild every time over and over again.
this way you go on web under "What we craft" section and see what we can make and what is needed for that.

if you want to add your stuff you can do it like this:

start of crafting:

/tell Shonjo !craft add <DRAGITEMHERE>

you will get one of 3 messages:

  • you can allready craft it (its in database and you are in list of crafters)
  • someone else can craft it and you have been added to list of crafters
  • final is you have started crafting of item ITEMYOUDRAGGED and you can add resources now to your item

if you get that you can add resouces to item you do it like this:


its not hard but if you have problems pls say and ill help. if you put wrong number of resource that is needed you can just correct it and resend it, bot will make change to number only.

and after you have added all resources needed for item you need to end crafting:

/tell Shonjo !craft end

and you will get message that crafting has ended and you cann add new item now.

item you have added is defined as unknown on web so when you get a chance go on web, click on unknow and select what that item is!

i have put lvl 60 potions and lvl 75, 80 4h food becouse people should know what is needed for it

also, connected to craft module is whatis command, it tells you what is item for

/tell Shonjo !whatis <DRAGITEMHERE>

you will get one of 3 messages:

  • item is not in database
  • item is not used in any craft item
  • item info

item info is popup window link which shows you where is item used and which quantity

thats it for new bot options that i think are really useful