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First two T3 bosses have fell under our feet!

04:50 08.02.2010.,

Hathor-ka, the second encounter and Daimone, Kharo and Ixion, the first encounter have fallen! GZ all!

T3 is on Live!

17:11 04.02.2010.,

So boys, girls and all you others, we start our T3 adventure today (don't count TL).

On T3 raids apply with mains only, doesn't matter how much of your  class has applied before you...

If you are avaliable we expect you to be here during raid so you can be called if needed!

cya in game!


TL on Tuesday, 19th of January

02:21 19.01.2010.,

Since that day LIVE server wont be on (some update) we will go to TL server.

Come to vent and well sort stuff there



Server down on 19.01.

16:53 14.01.2010.,

Server maintanence will be on 19.01. from 14 CET to 2 in the morning so probably no raid that tuesday.

Doesn't matter, just come on wednesday if that really happens



Test live servers !!!

18:04 10.01.2010.,

New patch on TL download it before today raid !!!



04:44 01.01.2010.,

Happy New Year !!!

Merry Christmas !!!

04:04 25.12.2009.,

Best wishes and

Merry Christmas !!!

Our first T3 boss is down

02:22 22.12.2009.,

Our 2nd day of trying, not that bad for naab guild as some say :P

Btw. this is world 3rd kill :)


Change of Leadership!!!

04:26 21.12.2009.,

Today happend change in guild Leadership!!!

Airo resign on Guild Leader position Cry

Redangel is new Guild Leader !!!


enjoy & cya in game


Test live servers

02:33 21.12.2009.,

There is new patch on testlive, download it before monday raid!!!


Bear ShamanBear Shamannone
Dark TemplarDark Templarnone
Herald of XotliHerald of Xotlinone
Priest of MitraPriest of Mitranone
Tempest Of SetTempest Of Setnone

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