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Raids for June

16:35 18.05.2009.,

I have created raids on planer for first two weeks in June so apply!

Dont be lazy people!



BRC - wing1 cleared

06:49 18.05.2009.,

Good job ppl, we was clear wing1 at first try. From now we have status farming on wing1.

Time to try same on wing2. Also thx ppl from Black Sphare and Asylum for support in raid.

cya in game


Sunday Raid!!!

00:33 09.05.2009.,

Raid with Asylum in wing 2 is canceled!!!

We are going in wing 1 so please sign in !!!

Added new stuff

20:02 06.05.2009.,

I have created article system for us to write in:)

For now, we have How to? category that will contain how to do something (raids, for example...).

If you have any inspiration to write, please do so, it would be appreciated!


cya in game,

Monday, 4 May Raid

00:36 05.05.2009.,

Today raid is off, because lots of ppl are buond to all instances, new raids signups start for tommorow raid after instance reset!!!!

Cya in game

BRC with Asylum

04:10 29.04.2009.,

Asylum are asking us (and BlackSphere) to go in BRC with them. I posted new raid on Sunday 3th of May so look at class needs and apply if you can come!



18:55 22.04.2009.,

I see Akrap has uploaded some nice images so i put them into gallery named "Akrap's Backgrounds".

Dont hesitate to upload images and put them into galleries, thats why i made it :)


Character items from Yellow Gremlin

20:53 18.04.2009.,

Yellow Gremlin released xml system that i can use to show items on your characters.

Result of that is new image link on right side on character list. When you click it, it may load a little longer for first time becouse i set up cache system so i keep images and xml on this server, so no loading from is required. Cache system keeps files for one day, as you might get new items so they will be shown.

Once again, thanks to Yellow Gremlin for that system, really good stuff:)

Here is link on how to get your character into their database:


Oh yea, i allmost forgot, you can look at Dezzis character how does it look :)
Im not sure if anyone else is in db, didnt look tbh :)

Ups, I appologyze

17:40 17.04.2009.,

It seems ordinary members (not admins) did not see character feats and character image fields in character creation and change...

Fixed it now!


Character Feats, make them and put into your char

15:23 17.04.2009.,

Its not hard, go to and select your feats and copy the link into your character Feat field!

I allways wonder who has which feats, buffs and stuff and its kinda hard to ask and for someone to explain, this way will be alot easyer!

Please do it before next raid your comming on, it will take you 5 minutes maybe.

If you dont know what feats you have, press F11 in game when you have feats opened and then go to your AOC/Screenshots folder and find last picture, thats it then :)

cya in game,


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